The word work life balance probably only exists for the non-ovulating segment of the world population. For mothers, it’s just life and a whole jumble of things that need to be juggled day in and out.

This whole project of building this blog only began after an interesting turn of events at work. I was working for the last 2 years on my data pipelines for a planned marketing analytics engine for a client. Things did not work out, so here we are. I ended up having more free time with a personally developed analytics innovation for marketing applications with no real-life data architecture to put it.

So while my beautiful baby boy is watching Cocomelon nursery rhymes in front of me here in my mother in law’s living room, I type in my first post here on DataMom and think of my next steps.

In an hour, my husband will be coming home and this illusion of me time will dissipate permanently. Because that’s the reality of women today.

Whether you stay home or you have a 9-to-5 elsewhere or a semi-9-to-5 in your pajamas, you find yourself slicing up your time to barely visible bits and pieces to be everything: the mother, the primary caregiver, the generous worker for a client, the manager of the operations at home, the menu decision maker, the listening ear to your husband’s experiences at work, the mother and feeder to nursing toddlers.

If there is anything that came of this difficult month, it’s this: I revisited the right to dream again. I was so busy being many things to many people that I kind of forgot myself.

Things did not go to plan but after I stopped freaking out, I realized that maybe it’s time to pursue something else.

It’s like the pivotal moment in the character of Aibileen from the movie The Help when she told the girl: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

You don’t have to be the world renowned expert or the rich heiress or the hot woman in a 2-piece bikini to make your dreams happen.

Sometimes it can begin even in pockets of minutes you squeeze in hammering at your keyboard while your son is singing along to Baby Bus and Cocomelon songs. So even if work-life balance is a mythical creature for mothers like me, it’s no reason to scrimp on my dreams and on what I can genuinely offer the world.

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