I have less than a year to get up to speed with my part-time trading skills. My humble returns have given me enough to beat currency inflation rates. I know that the way of the turtle leads to good things. Slow and steady really wins the race. But to channel my inner Eckhart Tolle, the power of now cannot operate if I keep on having a psychological time bomb inside my head as I absorb these learnings.

The formidable BOH Society, a trading support group of which I am a member, is closing its doors by January next year. I have less than 8 months to learn as much as I can from the daily interactions and the modules being given in the bootcamp.

BOH Society’s Comprehensive Trading Boot Camp ain’t for the faint-hearted.

There is so much noise from the internet about making money from stocks. Some say it’s a gamble, some folks exploit people by hyping stocks on social media after they do the “bodega” moves, and some are part of the few who are truly the real deal.

Before you even get to the point of emptying your cup to learn from the best, you have to decide where you invest your learning money.

But the biggest takeaway I got this year about trading is not even about charts or support groups. It’s from within. It all starts with the mind.

Even the most premium of trading learning materials can fail if you cannot govern your mind to be focused on the trade, detached enough to not let emotions cloud your judgment, and secure enough not to panic with market movements or not having enough for retirement.

Few people say this but trading is also an individual or personal journey. You find like-minded people you can journey with, you take guideposts from gurus, but you are ultimately charting your own path to investment success.

Here is to hoping there will be more charts in this blog this year as a result of my efforts.

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