“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

– Vincent van Gogh

DataMom’s portable UV wands

Somewhere between doing how things usually were and how things could be, my business partner and I finally made a decision to just jump and go for it. We’re selling our first product and the DataMom online store is currently on its way to being launched as well. This blog is a separate project for content creation but has not seen the light of day until I went public with it this month.

Truth is, the mere courage to put my brand out there was a project two years in the making. I kept renewing this domain but I chicken out each time I need to put in the content to make things work. I have forgiven myself for all the times I missed launching this site properly. All I feel now is gratitude. It’s time and just like a fruit that has become ripe, we’re ready.

We ended up having our first ever customer on my dad’s birthday and the feast of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I hope this post breaks the silence and my complacency in rekindling my love for blogging.

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