This blog post came from a challenge from a friend named Elise. A decade ago, I would write feverishly and often in my blog. Today, I’d be lucky to touch this blog at least once a month. The domain has been with me for around two years now but all the content ideas that I had for this blog remain… ideas.

And I am totally freaking out as I type this out loud. My husband and kids are asleep and it’s 5am here in the suburbs while I have a cup of black coffee to keep me company on this rainy morning. It’s one of those stolen moments where you choose to cut back a few hours on sleep to have a moment for yourself in solitude.

I can keep hiding under the demands of motherhood or I can face the challenge today in making my content ideas come to life in DataMom. I find it easy to churn out blog posts for clients and friends, but when I write here in DataMom, I feel like I am practically mute and unable to come up with something… worthy of a reader.

But today I realize that I am worthy and my story does not need to be perfect to be told. I am worthy and I need to make time for my own content and not let my client work or family roles eat it away.

I realized that I had wanted things to be perfect before I can write here in this blog. In my head runs a lot of things: “Maybe I can write the mommy blog when I am fully convinced that I am becoming good at being a mommy. Maybe I can write this mommy blog when I made my first 100 sales on my product. Maybe I can write this mommy blog when my kids are grown up…”

I realize now that all of these are excuses to beginning this journey because this journey requires vulnerability and working through the imperfections of a mother’s schedule. All I need to do is forge the iron will to keep going, and find the pockets of time to make those words come to life.

Today, I let go of the need to be perfect in order to populate this blog. I trust myself and I trust the process that got me to where I am now.

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