Data (Nerd and Writing) Mom, at your service!

I have been tapping the power of nerdy things for better parenthood since 2016.

DataMom is the digital tome of a thirty-something nerd and mother to a 3-year-old boy and a newborn.

She wanted to handle cutting edge technologies while witnessing the growing milestones of her sons.

Inspired by a detailed piece on why women still can’t have it all and its anti-thesis, the Sandberg Lean In movement, she realizes that women in her situation are highly common and its implications are still highly underrepresented.

Instead of reading about stretch marks, crazy desires for vodka at 3am, and the aftermath of toddler meltdowns in the supermarket, women in the same boat constantly have to look at impossibly small waistlines, picture perfect social media walls, and a 24/7 worship of family life.

So she finally steps out with her (hopefully insightful) word diarrhea and some takeaways on her journey as she juggles data engineering work and motherhood.

H, a.k.a DataMom, is enjoying life in a quiet suburban home with a server grade rig. She also enrolled in a master’s degree in business analytics at the advice of a prominent data scientist, and like many other millennial moms, assists in providing for the family.

It’s an honest, zero frills blog that gives a nod to hardcore nerdgasms of data engineering work and encouragement to the women who needed to “step back” from their corner offices and careers to care for husband and raise kids.